The following are simple, concise overviews of the types of services that we provide (our one page synopsis is also available for download . The list is not meant to be exhaustive.

Its goal is to describe what we do and how we go about doing it, without resorting to reams of "techie speak", lists of all the technologies that we have ever worked with or acronym littered hyperbole.

This list in conjunction with the examples of our work should give you good idea of how we can combine our services. As part of your initial contact with us, we ask to work closely with you to define exactly what it is you need and how we can go about achieving it together.

Strategic Consulting

By taking into account the specific internal and external circumstances that come together in any business we provide a cutting edge technical perspective on the architectural and strategic options that are available.

Project Management

Once the strategic direction of the business has been broken down into a timeline consisting of one or more deliverable projects, either by an internal management team or in conjunction with Gilmation, we then provide the project management expertise which ensures the delivery of the overall strategy.

Project Execution

At an individual project level we have the technical expertise to lead the teams which build each project. We can take on projects at any stage of their development lifecycle and provide the skills and focus required to take them to where they need to be.


We develop simple and elegant web applications and APIs using everything from static web pages through fully featured publishing platforms to custom built client-side and server side code.


Architecture encompasses not just the relationships that exist between individual classes, modules, components or systems but also the choice of languages, frameworks, servers or databases and the overall structuring of the development effort (environment setup (development, test, integration and production), source code control, dependency management, continuous integration and deployment). By working with you, we can help to define the architecture of a new system or define how an existing system needs to change.


Gilmation provides bespoke, hands on, example based training courses, in English and/or Spanish. Where our courses stand out is in their application to real life situations so that when we have finished the attendees understand not only the underlying concepts but also how and when to apply them in their day to day jobs. Where possible, generic slides are not used and we work closely with you to create the custom presentation materials and select suitable real world examples from your company's projects, processes and/or codebase which are then used as the basis for the course.


At Gilmation we provide an auditing service which takes the form of an in-depth look at a specific project or your overall development process with a view to producing a series of detailed and fully justified recommendations of possible improvements. By working together during the initial scoping process we choose the format for organising and documenting these recommendations that fits in best with your current development infrastructure and in the past we have successfully used everything from formats such as docbook or markdown to bug tracking tools like Jira or Trac.


Testing gets its own section because it is so important. Whenever you are designing, or developing any non-trivial software application or component, one of the first things that should be taken into account is how the different people or groups involved in the development process are going to test their work. Any design that is produced must facilitate being tested. This is of fundamental importance because what we need to do is to shorten, as much as possible, the feedback loop for the people involved. In plan English, what this means is that if something is broken or gets broken then the sooner we can check and find out about it then the cheaper it is to fix.

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