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At Gilmation we design and build or help others to design and build simple, usable and attractive software — using industry standards and open source code wherever possible.

We also deliver hands-on training courses and analyse existing development processes and architectures, as well as practising what we preach when developing our own applications.

Please feel free to learn more about our services, or get in touch to talk about how Gilmation can work with you to craft a solution that gives you exactly what you need.

Hugh Gilmour


Hugh began working in software development with Sun Microsystems in 2000, where he developed and supported mission critical systems for the high-end server production line, back in the days of Java 1.1 and the first specifications of J2EE. In the summer of 2003 he left Sun, did the Cambridge University CELTA and moved to Valencia, Spain. After a 10 month spell working as an English teacher and teaching himself Spanish he got back into software development with GFT. Over the course of the next 3 years he worked as a technical lead / architect with Spanish teams in Valencia on java applications for Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York and London. In the Spring of 2007 he moved to CSD, where he met Paco, and where he was director of technical operations for the UK office as well as leading and consulting on a variety of Java, Ruby and PHP projects in both the Spanish public and private sectors. Hugh left CSD in September, 2009 to set up Gilmation.

Current Focus

For over 5 years, until April 2016, Hugh combined the role of IT Director at AFG Media, where he had a minority shareholding and a seat on the board, with the continued development of the Gilmation businesses. After moving back to Scotland in July 2015, he is now actively focused on Gilmation's existing clients and developing new opportunities. When not working with clients or on his businesses, Hugh dedicates his time to his family, spending time outdoors and sports - which helps with the continual struggle to stay fit !


Paco Castro


Paco got his degree in Computer Science in 2001 from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. After graduation, he began his first job as a Java Developer working on distributed systems for the Instituto Tecnológico de Informática. In 2005 he changed jobs in order to start working in the Valencian goverment healthcare administration data center as a release manager and system administrator for mission critical environments. Towards the end of 2007 he joined the private sector, where he met Hugh, as a software architect and senior developer and while there he was promoted to lead an architecture and quality assurance group.


At the end of 2009 Paco co-founded eXcentia where he was the lead developer and where (among a lot of other things !) he developed issue management software and audited JEE projects. It was at this time that he also began to collaborate with Gilmation. Over the last few years, Paco has also combined his professional career with a part time job as a lecturer at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and in the middle of June 2010 he successfully defended his PHD thesis in Applied Mathematics.

Current Focus

In the summer of 2011 Paco left Excentia and joined Gilmation where he works daily with a number of different languages developing and maintaining diverse web and e-commerce solutions. When he is not dragging himself along on his bicycle in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, he enjoys quiet time at home with his family and often finds himself getting distracted with gardening or by occasional do-it-yourself activities.


Yon Zubizarreta


When he finished his degree in Graphic Design in 1999, Yon had a clear idea that his future lay in web development. He had already begun to freelance with a number of different companies and he continued to do so until 2001 when he was given the opportunity to join the Ikastolen Elkartea IT department. It was here that he continued his professional development as a programmer (both front-end and back-end) participating in diverse array of projects which were focused on the delivery of educational material for school curriculums via multimedia CDs and latterly on the web.


Since 2005 Yon has also dedicated a significant portion of his free-time to the ongoing development of tropela.net. Which is a type of fantasy cycling league where you choose your team for each event (Tour de France, Giro de Italia, etc) which has between 15,000 - 20,000 active users. Due to it's high profile and continued success the four founding team members, none of whom were in a position to devote themselves exclusively to the project, decided to form a non-profit organisation Tropela Elkartea which would allow them to continue to promote cycling and the use of the Basque language on the Internet in the most efficient way possible. One of the major challenges of this project is the high level of concurrency required during peak periods (while the races of each tour are in progress) as, subject to certain rules, each user can modify the composition of their team (based on the performances of each rider) as each race / tour evolves.


In 2008 Ikastolen Elkartea began to develop the Ikasys online educational platform with Yon as the architect and technical lead on the project. In this role Yon had responsibility for leading a team of 5 developers, co-ordinating requirements with the content creation team as well as interfacing with the people in the educational institutions (teachers and pupils) who were the end users of the system. It was in the context of this project that Yon and Hugh first worked together, as Hugh was engaged to consult on the project.

Current Focus

In Autumn 2011 Yon decided to take a sabbatical from Ikastolen Elkartea to join the Gilmation team where he has principally been developing e-commerce solutions. Yon also spends part of his time consulting with the team at Ikastolen Elkartea on their EKI project. When Yon is not working he enjoys spending time with his young family...and he still harbours hopes of being able to (one day) dust down his Stratocaster.


Paloma Alvarez


Born and bred in Valencia, Paloma gained her Law degree from the University of Valencia and spent the first 6 years of her professional career as a practicing lawyer with a Valencian Law firm who specialised in civil and administrative law. During this time she was frequently required, as part of her responsibilies to the clients that she was representing, to argue her case in the civil courts of the Valencian region of Spain. During the later part of her career as a practicing lawyer Paloma spent a large portion of her evenings and weekends completing a Masters degree in Urban Planning and Environmental Development at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. On obtaining her second degree, she spent the next 9 years developing and directing projects in the Urban Planning arena in her role as a director of one of Valencia's most active companies in this sector. This gave her the opportunity to work with multi-disciplined highly technical teams on solving a vast array of different types of challenges, a large proportion of which required rapid assimilation of and adaption to new situations as well as the proactive anticipation of potential future issues.

Current Focus

After the birth of her two daughters, we were lucky enough to be able to convince her to join Gilmation during the last quarter of 2012. When she's not working Paloma loves to spend time with her family and friends; and if she's still got any energy left enjoys taking part in team sports. It could also be said that she is a big fan of the cinema and of reading but that currently these things don't get much of her attention!

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