The Cashroom

The Cashroom (TCR) are experts in providing outsourced legal cashiering which conforms to the appropriate Solicitors Accounts Rules. We worked with the TCR management team to perform a company wide business process review which was then used to produce a detailed strategic plan for the future development of the company.

The Angus

The Angus is a unique Scottish golf development opportunity which has been created by Mike Forbes and Darren Clarke. In order to present the project online in a way that complemented the beautiful brochure, plans and other materials that Mike and Darren had produced we were required to work closely with these materials in order to be able to translate them effectively into The Angus website.

Scottish LBTT and ADS Range Calculator

When buying a property in Scotland it is necessary to pay at least one tax that varies according to the price paid for the property. While there are some online calculators available none of them allow you to see how the taxes change across a range of purchase prices. As a result building our own LBTT and ADS calculator for a range of purchase prices was a classic case of scratching our own itch. We used Ember for the front-end application and built and configured the hosting environment with Terraform.


BawBags is a Scottish undergarment brand and we have recently begun to assist their team in gaining a greater understanding of their online retail business. Our starting point was to perform a comprehensive review of the current BawBags IT infrastructure - one of the main aims of which was to make sure that certain key measurements were in place. It was fundamental that these measurements were in place and that their generation was automated (using principally the scripting integration between Google Docs and Google Analytics / Google Adwords) before any changes were made, as you can't improve what you can't measure.

Eric: Electronic Research Interchange

We are working on two complimentary projects with ERIC. Firstly, detailed strategy consulting with the whole team and a number of external software providers and secondly, a complete review and redesign of their previous "marketing website".

Insight iiP Strategic Advisory

Insight iiP is a strategic and advisory business that supports it's clients assisting them to develop their businesses. It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to review their previous company website and work with them through the design and deployment of their new site.

American Friends of London Scottish

On this project we worked with the team from London Scottish from the conception of the product through to the design and development of a marketing and sales website which promoted and sold memberships of London Scottish for friends of the club based in North America. Our experience of product configuration, warehousing and distribution channels in North America was put to good use over the course of a few weeks as we assisted London Scottish's marketing team in their negotiations with a number of North American providers. The final product that we produced was effectively a single product (a single season membership, membership card and membership pin), which was sold in a single currency (USD) and distributed in North America.

Noble Thinking

Clean, elegant design and clarity of purpose were the two key tenets for their website that came out of our initial discussions with the partners at Noble Thinking. As you would have been able to see from their profiles, between them Henry Cummins and Jillian Watt have a vast amount of corporate and military leadership and strategic experience. Allowing others to benefit from this is just one of the advantages that are available through the executive coaching and profound thinking facilitation services that they offer; services which are already highly valued and in great demand. Our task was to ensure that the website communicated their vision with the same clarity and focus that they bring to bear for their clients.

Morph Costume Company - Morphsuits

As the Morphsuits IT department (from November 2010 to April 2016) we had a vital development and design role to play when the Morph Costume Company grew out of the realisation that, since people really liked the innovation and sense of fun that Morphsuits had brought to the Fancy Dress (Costumes in the USA) industry when we basically invented the Spandex suit market, then there was a great opportunity to do the same thing again by creating a new range of high quality, inventive costumes the likes of which hadn't been seen before.

Alliance Connect - Littljohns

We have been developing, designing, hosting and supporting the Littlejohns' website and property upload application, that we built for them back at the end of 2010, for nearly three years now. As the property export / upload capabilities of the CARL system (that Littlejohns use internally to manage the thousands of properties that they have on their books) evolved, it became evident that the time had come to incorporate these changes into our existing system.

Digital Dudz - Morphsuits

DigitalDudz is an American based company which was acquired by AFG Media in April 2013. In it's previous incarnation the company was run by Mark Rober in his spare time while he worked for NASA as an engineer. As you'll be able to see from his youtube channel he is a very creative guy (with more than 15 million views he seems to be popular too!) who had come up with a really fun and interesting idea for incorporating smart phones (animations) into t-shirts.


Solamante is the first project that we have developed under the Cave66 mantle. Solamante products are created by using (as much as possible) local sourced Mediterranean materials. As we say on the website we want to be proud and transparent about how our products are made, their natural, sustainable origins and the traditional processes that are used in their fabrication and we want our customers to feel this way too.

Cave 66

As part of our ability to create new projects, and enter into different types of contractual arrangements, certain members of Gilmation have become founder members of Cave66.

Royal and Awesome - Morphsuits

Royal and Awesome is a move away from fancy dress into the world of attention grabbing golf clothing. With a front-end that's based on a lovely design from the guys at Wollfe this was a really fun project for us and it allowed us to refine our processes a little bit further, as well as incorporate some new things into the same e-commerce base project that we had used for both Foul Fashion and Morphsuits. Moreover, the 10 different designs and around 11 different sizes meant that there were more SKU combinations to manage.

Foul Fashion - Morphsuits

Foul Fashion is the second AFG brand and the sites were launched at the start of 2012. It shares a lot of it's backend code with Morphsuits (i.e Warehouse and payment gateway integrations, deployment and geo-location) but, for obvious reasons, has a different internal product structure and front-end interface. This was a very useful project as it provided us with our first attempt at the extraction of a generic e-commerce base project from Morphsuits and it's subsequent adaptation to a new brand.

Littlejohns Property

Littlejohns are one of Edinburgh's longest established and best residential property management companies. They had become tired with their previous website which consisted of a basic and extremely limited content management system which was used to run a rigid fixed width website. They wanted to make the move to a new website architecture that would allow them to easily update existing content, create and publish new content as well as display a searchable listing of the properties which were currently available for let.

Morphkids Web Development and Design

Morphkids is (as the name would suggest !) all about Morphsuits for children. This was a very interesting project that presented it's own challenges not least of which was the integration of the new childrens' sites into the existing Magento deployment while taking account of the differing tax treatments that childrens goods receive throughout the world. The Childrens' suits are currently available for sale on separate sites as well as a subsection in a number of the country specific Morphsuits adults sites.

Morphsuits Web Development and Design

Morphsuits is one of the most recognisable fancy dress brands in the world. Hugh began working with AFG Media, the company behind Morphsuits, back in October 2010 when they were looking at transitioning their infrastructure from an online e-commerce provider to their own custom solution. This was in large part due to the growth that the business was experiencing and the changing requirements that were a result of this. At that time there were 13 different Morphsuits sites each of which had a separate back-end and served a different region of the world.

DUOK - Audit

DUOK has a number of legacy web based applications which service requests with PHP scripts. Since these typically contain a mixture of different types of logic (presentation, business, database, etc) as the years have passed and the applications have evolved it has become increasingly expensive to maintain them or to add new features. Our objective for this collaboration was to review current development practices and the proposed future application architecture to identify any areas that could be improved and then give whatever "hands on" support was needed.

GIE - External Data

The development of External Data complements the work that we are doing on Ikasys with the team at GIE (Gipuzkoako Ikastolen Elkartea). Prior to the completion of the External Data system Ikasys (more specifically Trainer and Inspector) needed to extract details about the academic structure, students and teachers from some type of external education centre management system. External Data provides an implementation of this system which frees Ikasys from it's only dependency on a 3rd party system.