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Scottish LBTT and ADS Range Calculator

When buying a property in Scotland it is necessary to pay at least one tax that varies according to the price paid for the property. While there are some online calculators available none of them allow you to see how the taxes change across a range of purchase prices, so this was a classic case of scratching our own itch. We used Ember for the front-end application and built and configured the hosting environment with Terraform.


BawBags is a Scottish undergarment brand and we have recently begun to assist their team in gaining a greater understanding of their online retail business. Our starting point was to perform a comprehensive review of the current BawBags IT infrastructure - one of the main aims of which was to make sure that certain key measurements were in place. It was fundamental that these measurements were in place and that their generation was automated (using principally the scripting integration between Google Docs and Google Analytics / Google Adwords) before any changes were made, as you can't improve what you can't measure.

Eric: Electronic Research Interchange

We are working on two complimentary projects with ERIC. Firstly, detailed strategy consulting with the whole team and a number of external software providers and secondly, a complete review and redesign of their previous "marketing website".

Insight iiP Strategic Advisory

Insight iiP is a strategic and advisory business that supports it's clients assisting them to develop their businesses. It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to review their previous company website and work with them through the design and deployment of their new site.

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