At Gilmation we bring a pragmatic, forthright and disciplined approach to everything that we do. We help companies and individuals to maximise their return from technology by applying our technical knowledge and business experience. We value simplicity, honesty and transparency and take real pride in our craft and expect our collaborators and clients to do the same.

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Noble Thinking

Clean, elegant design and clarity of purpose were the two key tenets for their website that came out of our initial discussions with the partners at Noble Thinking. As you'll be able to see from their profiles, between them Henry Cummins and Jillian Watt have a vast amount of corporate and military leadership and strategic experience. Allowing others to benefit from this is just one of the advantages that are available through the executive coaching and profound thinking facilitation services that they offer; services which are already highly valued and in great demand. Our task was to ensure that the website communicated their vision with the same clarity and focus that they bring to bear for their clients.

Morph Costume Company - Morphsuits

As the Morphsuits IT department (since November 2010) we had a vital development and design role to play when the Morph Costume Company grew out of the realisation that, since people really liked the innovation and sense of fun that Morphsuits had brought to the Fancy Dress (Costumes in the USA) industry when we basically invented the Spandex suit market, then there was a great opportunity to do the same thing again by creating a new range of high quality, inventive costumes the likes of which hadn't been seen before.

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