Noble Thinking

Clean, elegant design and clarity of purpose were the two key tenets for their website that came out of our initial discussions with the partners at Noble Thinking. As you would have been able to see from their profiles, between them Henry Cummins and Jillian Watt have a vast amount of corporate and military leadership and strategic experience. Allowing others to benefit from this is just one of the advantages that are available through the executive coaching and profound thinking facilitation services that they offer; services which are already highly valued and in great demand. Our task was to ensure that the website communicated their vision with the same clarity and focus that they bring to bear for their clients.

Technically, we wanted this project to be as simple as possible, allowing us to iterate quickly, so that we could take Henry and Jillian from their story board ideas to a completed website as rapidly and as efficiently as possible. In order to do this we used Jekyll in conjunction with a simple responsive CSS framework (Gridism), Normalize to set the CSS baseline and Google Web Fonts. Initially, this setup allowed us to get a prototype site up and running extremely quickly and on an ongoing basis it now allows us incorporate any modifications that might be required in a matter of minutes. It goes without saying that we also applied all the usual SEO optimisations and added monitoring to the final production site (which we're also hosting).