Morph Costume Company - Morphsuits

As the Morphsuits IT department (from November 2010 to April 2016) we had a vital development and design role to play when the Morph Costume Company grew out of the realisation that, since people really liked the innovation and sense of fun that Morphsuits had brought to the Fancy Dress (Costumes in the USA) industry when we basically invented the Spandex suit market, then there was a great opportunity to do the same thing again by creating a new range of high quality, inventive costumes the likes of which hadn't been seen before.

While the AFG Production and Marketing teams were spending a lot of their time working on ideas, sourcing production facilities and prototyping products and then repeating the process they were also working with the IT team (us) to develop the optimal site structure, the brand look and feel and the individual page layouts. Once we had a general idea of what they desired we began iterating on the build, adaptation and integration of the new brand into the exiting Morphsuits' websites (in a test environment so that we could get live feedback) working closely with the brand director and AFG's designers.

Due to the fact that for each Morphsuits' domain we were adding a new site as a subsection there were a number of challenges with regard to analytics, reporting, A/B testing, warehouse integration and mobile app integration that had to be overcome. The principal one being the ability to switch easily between working with data separated for each individual brand to working with overall aggregated data for each domain. While in some cases this was not easy to accomplish and different geographical areas sometimes required different solutions it was essential that customers were able to easily buy any combination of Morphsuits, MorphMasks, Morphkids, Digital Dudz or Morph Costume Company on the same website.

The Morph Costume Company launched at the start of September 2013 and so far it has been very well received both by online customers and retailers. As the team behind new product development continues to push the limits on what is actually possible to manufacture it's definitely safe to say that there is a lot more innovation and fun to come!