Digital Dudz - Morphsuits

DigitalDudz is an American based company which was acquired by AFG Media in April 2013. In it's previous incarnation the company was run by Mark Rober in his spare time while he worked for NASA as an engineer. As you'll be able to see from his youtube channel he is a very creative guy (with more than 15 million views he seems to be popular too!) who had come up with a really fun and interesting idea for incorporating smart phones (animations) into t-shirts.

Due to the quality of the idea and Mark's skill at being able to promote it, via viral youtube videos, interviews with nationwide US news outlets and TV appearances, the brand had begun to experience some real success. In order to take his existing products and new ideas to the next level Mark decided to team up with us at AFG, leaving his job at NASA as part of the process (he did manage to finish his work on the Mars Rover, Curiosity before he left though!).

As this was an existing website (with existing URLs and link equity in various search engines) the process of migrating it to be part of the morphsuits websites was a more involved process than the creation of a new website from scratch. As well as what you would expect for the design and implementation of a new mobile responsive website we also had to make sure that the existing URLs were mapped (301 redirects) to the correct new destination URL. See also the section on the DigitalDudz and Morphsuits Mobile Apps for how we created the new iOS and Android Apps.

If you've seen any products that we've come up with for Halloween 2013 you'll be in no doubt about the "special sauce" that Mark can bring to the mix and we're really, really looking forward to seeing what we can come up with together in the future.