We develop simple and elegant web applications and APIs using everything from static web pages through fully featured publishing platforms to custom built client-side and server side code.

We also collaborate with development teams, at any stage of the development or maintenance process, to help them get the most out of themselves or we can work as single person or very small independent development teams to deliver specific projects or modules as part of a larger developmental effort.

Our principal development focus for end-user applications is HTML, CSS and Javascript as this allows us to reach any device that has a browser (We haven't done any serious development with the iPhone/iPad or Android, yet). We also really enjoy all the other stuff that goes along with developing or refactoring applications, modules or APIs. We are always trying to improve ourselves and are interested in anything that can help us get better as developers and we are passionate about saving time / improving accuracy by automating as much of what we do as possible (virtual machine creation and configuration, application deployments, application builds and testing, etc).

While we do our own development in either OS X or Linux when working with our customers we always configure virtual machines which replicate their development and production environments, as we find that this allows us to share the same development experience that they are having.