At Gilmation we provide an auditing service which takes the form of an in-depth look at a specific project or your overall development process with a view to producing a series of detailed and fully justified recommendations of possible improvements. By working together during the initial scoping process we choose the format for organising and documenting these recommendations that fits in best with your current development infrastructure and in the past we have successfully used everything from formats such as docbook or markdown to bug tracking tools like Jira or Trac.

Some examples of previous audits that we have conducted, would be:

  • The entire existing development process or subsets thereof
  • The development environment:
    • IDE
    • build system
    • version control system
    • bug tracking system
    • continuous integration system
    • production build system
  • The architecture of an existing application
  • The architecture of an existing database
  • The performance of an existing application

This is not an exhaustive list, so please get in touch and talk over the area of concern with us.