American Friends of London Scottish

On this project we worked with the team from London Scottish from the conception of the product through to the design and development of a marketing and sales website which promoted and sold memberships of London Scottish for friends of the club based in North America. Our experience of product configuration, warehousing and distribution channels in North America was put to good use over the course of a few weeks as we assisted London Scottish's marketing team in their negotiations with a number of North American providers. The final product that we produced was effectively a single product (a single season membership, membership card and membership pin), which was sold in a single currency (USD) and distributed in North America.

However, while the setup of the e-commerce part of the website was relatively simple some interesting custom development was required to allow attribution tracking.

Custom development was required to allow different source promotions and campaigns to be configured in the website's administration console with the aim of allowing the creation and dissemination of unique signup URLs in order to allow the website to compile information regarding the attribution of membership signups. We used Spree as the base platform for the website and an integration with Stripe to handle the payments, secure payment method storage and recurring billing.

Unfortunately, the promotion of their American Memberships proved more challenging and time consuming than London Scottish had anticipated and so the decision was taken to pause the sale of memberships while alternatives promotional options are evaluated. As such we switched the site onto a Jekyll based static HTML structure while maintaing the site URL structure so that a move back to selling memberships would be seamless.