Something I came across when working with default templates and writing a book document LaTeX is that it produces an output where the left side margin is shorter than the right side margin for odd pages. The default behaviour of the Book class is to generate documents for two sided printing and I expected that the behaviour would be the opposite: larger left side margins for binding. However, this extra right side space is meant for review notes.

I'm still surprised that despite the movement towards more agile forms of documentation (markdown, wiki creole, docbook, etc.) in software development, LaTeX is not being given much credit at all. I find its potential for high quality typography, ordered composition or generation of slides with Beamer it is still unachieved by others.

I came across this situation while working with default templates and writing a book document in LaTeX like this


This command produces a document where the left margin is shorter than the one on the right for odd pages.

However, I was determined to obtain a larger margin on the left hand side without any additional packages but after trying many parameters I gave up and ended up using the geometry package.

There I found the option bindingoffset. The following lines in the preamble produce the desired behaviour:


Be careful though, because geometry changes the default textwidth. If you want the one that you had previously, you need to add


to the preamble as well.

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