On the 19th of April, Gilmation sponsored the warmup jerseys for Heriot's Rugby Club when they played (and won !) the Scottish cup final at Broadwood Stadium, Cumbernauld. Thanks to everyone at the club we had a great day and this is our pick of the photos that we took to record the occasion.

The warm up with Broadwood Stadium in the background.

13 - 0 to Heriot's at the end of the first half (as you can see from the big screen in the top left hand corner).

Paloma and Hugh happy with the half-time situation (not sure about Hugh's facial expression though).

A little bit nervous at the Hawks' comeback and the 13 - 10 scoreline ten minutes into the second half.

Final whistle, Heriot's win, back to being happy.

The winners collect their trophy.

Hugh down on the pitch with some old friends.

Back at Goldenacre for the celebration.

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