A list of the resources for Mercurial, Git and Bazaar that I put together when researching my talk for the PHP Barcelona Conference.

Mercurial Resources

Mercurial project

Mercurial comparison

Peepcode - Mercurial screen-cast

Mercurial: The Definitive Guide (Book)

Bitbucket hosted repositories

Mercurial Queues (Articles)

Mercurial Queues

A git users guide to Mercurial Queues

Mercurial Queues on Bitbucket

Mercurial Tools

Google, Mercurial and Eclipse

Eclipse - HGE Project

Tortoise HG

Murky - Mac OS

Git Resources

Git project

Git comparison

Peepcode - Git screen-cast

Pro Git (Book)

Git Hosting options

Github hosted repositories

GoogleTechTalk - Randal Schwartz


Git Cheat Sheets

Git Tools

Git in Eclipse Helios


Vim plugins - Tim Pope

Bazaar Resources

Bazaar project

Bazaar comparison

Launchpad hosted repositories

Bazaar Tools

Tortoise Bzr

3rd party tools

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