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Install the vmod_header Varnish Module for Varnish 4.0 on Centos 7.1

If you are using Varnish and need to access headers which appear more than once (i.e. multiple set-cookie headers) then you'll have to install the vmod_header Varnish Module.

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Utilities for Git and the Netdna CDN API in ruby

This is the ruby script that we use to obtain information on the account or the zones that we have configured in the Netdna CDN and, when necessary, to invalidate all objects in the CDN or a subset of them based on the difference between selected commits in the local git history for a particular project. As always the best way to see how this works is to read the code !

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A simple ruby script to check the HTTP response / redirect for multiple urls

This is a simple script that we use as a resource and protocol check to make sure that the status codes and any redirects are as expected. If a redirect is returned then this URL is also checked to make sure that it exists (i.e. status = 200). As always the best way to see how this works is to read the code !

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Distributed source code management resources

A list of the resources for Mercurial, Git and Bazaar that I put together when researching my talk for the PHP Barcelona Conference.

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Install and test the PostgreSQL gem with Ruby Version Manager

How to go about installing and testing the PostgreSQL gem using Ruby Version Manager, Ruby 1.9.2., Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Xcode 3.1.1.

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Compile and configure PostgreSQL on Mac OS X

The steps that I followed to compile, install and configure PostgreSQL 8.4.4 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 with Xcode 3.1.1.

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LaTeX custom commands and figure inclusion

One of the most compelling aspects of LaTeX is it's resemblance to a programming language. Here we demonstrate how to take advantage of LaTeX command definition in order to include figures in our documents and reuse code.

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Install and configure Ruby Version Manager on Mac OS X

How to go about installing and configuring Ruby Version Manager on OS X version 10.5.8.

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RegExp - keeping parts of a pattern in sed

Non-trivial use of regular expressions for pattern substitution often requires that a part of the pattern be kept after the substitution. The following sed examples show the basic usage of "variables" in regular expressions.

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Filtering lines in awk

The awk pattern scanning and processing language is frequently used in order to process lines that match a given criteria. Here we present several approaches to filtering with criteria.

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