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Automated Google Analytics reports with Google Spreadsheet

We have often commented that accurate benchmarking is the key starting point in the process of optimizing a website. We need to be in a position to measure any changes that are made to know what, if any, impact they have had. It’s also important to normalise and reach consensus regarding our data sources and the metrics that we plan on analysing, as it’s easy to reach the wrong conclusions if different members of the same team query different data sources in slightly different ways, or when analyzing metrics and indicators on Google Analytics, we compare apples with oranges. It’s also true that most of the time, the default Google Analytics reports are not as granular as we would like them to be, in order to facilitate more profound analysis.

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Internationalisation options for application data

A github project which presents a number of internationalisation options for application data, some scripts that can be used to create examples of them in a MySQL database and diagrams of the generated schemas.

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Recommendations for multilingual SEO

A series of recommendations for optimising a multilingual site for search engines. This list is based on the instructions, forums and information available for google and bing.

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JUnit with Standard and Error output in main methods

Following a "there's no reason not to test" motto, here it is a simple way to perform unit testing on classes with a main() method. This idea is easily extensible and can be used to test methods whose outputs are sent to the standard and error streams.

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