Articles - July 2010

RegExp - keeping parts of a pattern in sed

Non-trivial use of regular expressions for pattern substitution often requires that a part of the pattern be kept after the substitution. The following sed examples show the basic usage of "variables" in regular expressions.

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Filtering lines in awk

The awk pattern scanning and processing language is frequently used in order to process lines that match a given criteria. Here we present several approaches to filtering with criteria.

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Internationalisation options for application data

A github project which presents a number of internationalisation options for application data, some scripts that can be used to create examples of them in a MySQL database and diagrams of the generated schemas.

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Connect to Amazon Web Services with right_aws

An example of how to setup the right_aws Ruby gem to connect to Amazon Web Services (S3).

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LaTeX margins for book binding

Something I came across when working with default templates and writing a book document LaTeX is that it produces an output where the left side margin is shorter than the right side margin for odd pages. The default behaviour of the Book class is to generate documents for two sided printing and I expected that the behaviour would be the opposite: larger left side margins for binding. However, this extra right side space is meant for review notes.

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Get more out of Windows with Launchy and Powershell

Take advantage of Launchy to speed up how you find and open files, programs or websites and move faster while reducing the likelihood of errors by using Powershell to automate repetitive manual tasks.

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