Articles - June 2010

Recommendations for multilingual SEO

A series of recommendations for optimising a multilingual site for search engines. This list is based on the instructions, forums and information available for google and bing.

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JUnit with Standard and Error output in main methods

Following a "there's no reason not to test" motto, here it is a simple way to perform unit testing on classes with a main() method. This idea is easily extensible and can be used to test methods whose outputs are sent to the standard and error streams.

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Install EC2 API tools on Mac OS X Leopard

The process that I followed to install the command line Amazon EC2 API tools on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X Leopard.

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Using sudo gem from behind a proxy

When trying to run a gem command from behind a proxy you may have the problem that although HTTP_PROXY is defined in your environment when you run the gem command with sudo it does not pick up the proxy setting.

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